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All styles are sewn at fair facilities in Ethiopia and India.

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My name is Michala and I am behind MicMic. Here you will find leather accessories such as crossover bags, shoulder bags, computer sleeves, purses and key rings.


Perhaps you have noticed that several products are named after areas in Cambodia? It's because I grew up in the country.
Although Cambodia was once one of Asia's most powerful empires, it is also a country that has gone through civil wars, colonial times and the Khmer Rouge regime. This has prevented development, which is one of the reasons why the country today has a large difference between rich and poor - the majority is made up of the latter. I have experienced that up close.


With MicMic, I therefore want to help make a difference for the people who are not as privileged as myself. I have therefore made an effort to find responsible suppliers. Today, my leather designs are sewn by my socially responsible partners in India and Ethiopia.

My leather products are inspired by the Nordic nature and old leather traditions. At the same time, styles from MicMic do not go out of style – they are timeless and designed to last for many years.

MicMic's mission is to design minimalist products that can at the same time contribute to establishing more fair workplaces in vulnerable countries, thereby creating a stable income and a safe environment for more people.