Coffee Beanies hats in wool

Coffee Beanies are warm hats in wool

On this page you will find the delicious knitted hats from Coffee Beanies.
The hats are in merino and alpaca wool (82% is biodegradable wool and 18% is recycled polyamide) and are therefore both very warm and not least soft to wear.
All hats are also quality checked before they are sent to you.

Knitted hats in many colors

The hats are available in everything from bright colors to more douchey and earthy colors. On this page you will find e.g. a pink beanie, a green beanie, a navy blue and more dusty blue color. Are you missing one of Coffee Beanie's colors? Just write to me here, then it can be picked up at home the same day and sent the next day.

Beautiful hats in Danish design

It is Danish Aimee who owns the company Coffee Beanies. She has teamed up with talented Danish designers to create a design that fits in with the Nordic culture, style and climate. It is a slow-fashion, minimalist hat with a long life - a hat you have for many years.

The hats support a good cause

The hats are knitted by female coffee farmers in Burundi.
Aimee, who owns Coffee Beanies, offers the knitters "work as the solution".
She takes care of teaching the women how to knit by hand and then donates both sticks and high-quality wool so that the hats can be made and the farmers do not have to take money out of their own pockets and thereby take a risk.
Finally, Coffee Beanies buys everything the women make, regardless of quantity! This means that the women themselves choose how much they want to work and during which periods.

Coffee Beanies pays living wages, which also helps to ensure a dignified life for the many women and their families.