Computer bags and work bags for ladies

Leather work bags for women

It can be difficult to define what a work bag for women really is, what it should look like and what exactly it should contain, as we all have different needs and wishes for our work bag. For the same reason, on this page you can find a selection of different types of leather work bags.

I have prioritized showing you work bags that are larger than a typical crossover bag but at the same time smaller than a weekend bag. At the same time, I have chosen some leather bags that have a simple Danish design, so that they can be used for many years - and fortunately, leather bags only get more beautiful with time!

Most of the bags are for ladies, but some can definitely be used by men as well.
In a woman's work bag, there must typically be at least space for a folder/notebook/book, packed lunch, other necessities such as e.g. a water bottle, alcohol, glasses, etc. and not least a computer.

Computer bag for ladies

We cannot ignore the fact that many people must have space for a computer in their work bag - that is why all these models contain a computer. My leather computer bags for women all hold a 14” laptop, e.g. a Macbook air, Macbook pro or other brands - in addition, some also hold a 15" computer. These specifications can be seen under the individual bag.

Before I started MicMic, I found that it was difficult to find a nice computer bag for ladies.
My experience was that they often became very "dark" and rustic, and despite the fact that they were really good-looking, I had to realize that they didn't speak to me as a woman. That's why I've designed more feminine leather computer bags for women, which can be used both as a computer bag, but can also be used in your free time and after work without necessarily looking like you're carrying a work bag under your arm. These computer and work bags are therefore really good "all-around" everyday bags.

Are you unsure whether your computer, iPad or tablet fits my computer bags? You are always welcome to send me the measurements on your laptop so I can double check for you.
If you only need the work bag for, for example, an iPad or tablet, you can also take a look MicMic shoulder bags here.

If you are looking for protection for your computer in the form of a computer sleeve or a cover, you can find MicMics computer sleeves right here. This will provide extra "padding" and protect your computer from pressure, shocks and sharp objects in your leather work bag.

Smart and simple work bag in leather

All the computer bags and work bags for her have a simple, timeless and classic design. This means that they never go out of fashion and can be matched with many outfits, styles and age groups.

In addition to focusing on designing work bags with a minimalist look, the focus has also been on designing some bags for the computer and work that were practical at the same time. Some of the bags have an inside lining, while others just have the natural, beautiful inside of the leather - regardless, all the bags have several inside pockets. These can be used for the computer charger, phone, keys or other small items so they don't clutter the bottom of the bag.

In addition, the bag must of course be usable by both the commuter, the cyclist and the driver. My bags therefore have long straps so they can be used as a crossover bag - or straps so they can be worn on the back as a rucksack or over the shoulder. This way you have your hands free, if necessary, during transport. Several of my leather bags also have removable straps, so they can be used as a handbag, which gives a more elegant and classic look.

Work bag for women

At MicMic, everything is sewn in high-quality leather. I work with several different types of leather, but what they all have in common is that they only get better with time. Each bag will develop its own patina, making each bag completely unique. A leather work bag can therefore both last for many years and will always look beautiful.

I recommend treating MicMic bags in leather with an impregnation or/and leather grease.
An impregnation will make the product more resistant to dirt, stains and rain. This can be a particularly good idea for more delicate products and bags in light leather. Leather grease, or leather conditioner, softens and cares for the bag. It can be really good to use if the leather seems "dry" or if the work bag or computer bag has several superficial scratches that you want to reduce. Always remember to test on an inconspicuous area first, as the appearance of the bag may change slightly.

Most popular work bags for ladies

MicMic's best selling bags for work are Elba shoulder bag in brown leather as well Walawe leather backpack in brown.