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What is a clutch at all for anything?
To me, a clutch is a mix of a shoulder bag and a purse. It is often larger than a purse, and smaller or the same size as a crossover bag - but without the long strap.
This makes the clutch a perfect, discreet little bag that can be carried under the arm or in the hand.

A clutch for all events

The clutch is an item that can be used for festive events, but the bag can also be used in everyday life. For parties, an elegant clutch can accommodate all necessities such as mobile, money, purse, etc. and at the same time spice up your outfit or create an extra, unique touch to your outfit.
In everyday life, the clutch can be used in many different ways. In addition to using it as a bag, it can also be used as a kind of "pocket" in a larger bag such as. a shopper where the smaller necessities are gathered in. A clutch can also be used as a make-up purse or a plain spacious purse.

Find the right bag

When choosing your clutch, purse or shoulder bag, it is first and foremost important to decide for yourself what it will be used for. Do you like to have your hands free? Would you rather have a small discreet bag? Maybe you only need your credit cards?
Then you can assess whether it is a shoulder bag, a shopper bag, a purse or just a clutch you need the most. At MicMic, I have several different styles, sizes and colors - as needed.
Many of my crossover bags have detachable straps and can therefore also be used as larger clutches. You can find them right here.
My clutches without straps are seen below. There are zippers on all of them.

Leather clutch

All styles at MicMic are sewn in high quality leather including the delicious leather clutches below.
I have chosen to work exclusively with leather, as it is a sustainable material that lasts for many years. In fact, leather products only get nicer with time when the patina starts to show - it also gives your MicMic item its very own story and makes it unique.

The styles you see below come from different areas.
Some are sewn in India by the oldest of my current partners - in fact, I have been working with this smaller sewing room for about four years (out of MicMic's lifespan of five years). Most of the employees are from the local area, while some of the more experienced forces have been brought further away. In this way, they can train and show the way for the others. The workplace is certified, which means that there is a regular review of the conditions in the workplace.
Others are sewn in Ethiopia at a small workshop that each year supports with school uniforms and materials for the most vulnerable girls in the owner's hometown. Without this support, the girls do not have the opportunity to go to school. You can read much more about my projects in Ethiopia right here.

At MicMic, I want to make sure you can use your new clutch, purse or shoulder bag with a clear conscience.