Computer sleeves

Once one has invested in a beautiful laptop, we can quickly agree that it is a shame not to protect it with a computer cover. You often have your laptop in the bag, so it easily gets scratches and dents if it is not protected.

Computer sleeve for 13 ”computer

At MicMic you will find a wide selection of computer covers and computer sleeves 13 leather.
They all fit a 13 ”Macbook Pro, Macbook Pro with Retina display as well as Macbook Air and all computers with similar dimensions.

Leather sleeves for computer in several colors and materials

Below you will find a selection of computer sleeves in leather, suede and wool. At MicMic, we have sleeves for your laptop in brown and black, but also other colors.

Which computer sleeve leather should you choose?

Finding the right computer can be a jungle in itself and take a really long time. Therefore, not everyone wants to spend a long time finding the perfect sleeve for it.
Nevertheless, a computer sleeve is very crucial for how long you are going to enjoy your new computer.

At MicMic, we understand well if you find it difficult to choose the right sleeve for your laptop and your needs. That's why we've put together a checklist of items to consider before investing in protection for your computer.

1. The size - do you have a 13 "computer or maybe 15" or 17 "?

It almost goes without saying that there are some practical details that need to fit together. The most important thing, of course, is that the computer fits in your new cover. Therefore, you need to know what size it is.
Of course, it is possible to measure the length, width and depth of the computer, but we also talk about "inches" or "inches" when referring to the size of a computer. If your computer is 13 ”(inches) it is e.g. 13 inches from one corner of the screen itself to the other corner (in a diagonal line).
In your search for the perfect computer sleeve, you will probably stumble across covers where e.g. states which computer size in inches the cover fits.
It is often possible to see the size of your computer under the specifications in the user manual, on the website the product was purchased or on the receipt.
When you have a sleeve in the correct size, it will side close to the computer. This is important to ensure optimal protection and to ensure that the computer does not slip around the cover or slip out.

Buy a computer sleeve according to your needs

There are a myriad of different sleeves, features, materials and colors. Ultimately, you need to choose one that suits your needs.
It is a good idea to consider how you normally use your computer and thus what your needs are. Here you can think about whether you are usually on the go with your computer and if so, whether it is in a larger bag or on a car seat. It may also be that you usually store your computer at home so that it is less prone to bumps and scratches.
If you have your computer with you a lot on the go, there are many who both store the computer in a sleeve and in addition in a bag so that it does not lie loose on e.g. the cycle. On the go, of course, your laptop is also more exposed, which is why protection can be a good idea.
All of this is crucial to whether you need a sleeve that fits in a bag, a sleeve that protects a lot or perhaps a thinner, smaller cover.
Last but not least, consider whether the cover should have special openings for charging or other connectors - at MicMic, some covers are vertical and others are horizontal.

3. The look of your sleeve

What should your cover look like? It can e.g. be that you want it to match the color of your bag or your jacket. It may also be that it must have a formal expression if it is to be used exclusively for work.
Of course, it is important to consider whether one has any preferences in terms of appearance.
At MicMic, I have designed leather sleeves for men and women. They are unisex and can be worn by people of all ages. In addition, my leather sleeves are designed in a timeless, minimalist look so they never go out of fashion.

The material on MicMic's leather computer sleeves

All my covers are made of leather, suede and wool - some even a combination of all three.
Wool is used in several covers as it protects the computer really well. It is a solid material that can simultaneously take shocks, scratches and other wear.
The leather and suede are chosen as it is a durable material that can last for many years. In fact, quite a lot of skin becomes, only more beautiful over the years. It creates a more sustainable product and a product you can hopefully use happily for many years.