Crossover bags in leather

A crossover bag is an absolute must in any wardrobe, so why not invest in one that will last for decades?
Leather is incredibly durable and it is one of the few materials that only gets nicer over the years. The leather gets a nice patina that represents your use of the product and makes your bag completely unique.

Leather crossover bags in black and brown

Below you will find bags in the classic colors black and brown, but several of the bags are also available in colors such as cognac, natural and olive green.

Crossover bags in several sizes

We have both the hero small crossover bag but also large leather bags. However, all have at least two zips, so your things are secured. Several have removable straps, so the bag can also be used as a clutch.
The specifications are under each product.

Crossover bag in genuine leather

When you get here, you have probably seen my selection of crossover and crossbody bags.
If you are burning with a question for a bag, leather or just lack inspiration for your dinner, you are always more than welcome to write to me right here.

Whether you call it a crossover bag, crossbody bag or a shoulder bag, it's something you as a woman can hardly do without!
Crossover bags are characterized by the fact that they can be worn across the body - typically you want to wear it from the shoulder to the opposite hip.

I'm sure we all know the shopping abstinences that can occasionally creep in on us. It happens especially on Sundays or on a really bad day. Often there is at least one bag in the shopping basket. You feel a huge joy inside, unfortunately it does not last long.
After a few weeks, rain and wear and tear have ruined the bag. You can suddenly clearly see the fabric behind the beautiful exterior, the corners have become dingy and the beautiful red strap begins to scatter.
This is a very typical scenario when you impulse buy a bag.

At MicMic, I want to design long-lasting, beautiful bags.
The bags must be able to withstand being used! To create the most sustainable product, all styles must be able to be used for many years, and perhaps through several generations.
This places demands on the design, which must be timeless - and not least the material, which must be durable. This is one of the reasons why I have chosen to work with leather bags.

That's why you should choose a leather crossbody bag

There are many good reasons to buy a leather bag. Leather is first and foremost a very strong material that can withstand being used. In addition to being durable, leather is a flexible and vibrant material, and if you take care of it properly, you can enjoy your leather bag for many years.
Unlike crossover bags, which are sewn from polyester, nylon and other textiles, a leather bag only gets even more beautiful over the years.
The leather is not damaged by greasy fingers, wear in the corners or other marks. However, it is quite normal that one will get a feeling of annoyance when the first spots appear. But in my eyes, it does absolutely nothing! Over time, the stains will level out and a completely unique patina will form. This represents exactly your use of the bag and your memories. It makes your bag a personal product that no one else has.

What type of crossover bag should I choose?

Crossover bags come in countless shapes, sizes and designs - and it can in itself be difficult to find exactly the model that best suits your needs. Should it be used in everyday life, for festive events, for travel or perhaps at work? Should it be small or large? Should it be colorful or discreet?
You also need to think a little practically: What should the bag be able to hold?
Maybe you have many little things such as. keys, jewelry, purse, mobile and make-up that you want separated or organized in the bag. It requires a crossover bag with pockets or several compartments.
If, on the other hand, you want a spacious bag, look for a larger model or a square boxy bag.

On a crossbody bag, the perfect strap is also essential. Do you want a short strap or a long strap - maybe both?

The possibilities are almost endless!

When the choice has finally fallen on the type of bag, leather must also be chosen. I understand well if one thinks it is a jungle of find around in. It does not make the choice easier that leather often changes its appearance with time.
In my view, there are two important considerations to make before buying the leather bag:

1. What do you expect the bag to be exposed to in relation to weather and wear and tear?

Some types of leather are e.g. impregnated so that the product becomes repellent to rain and other liquids - others, on the other hand, have completely open leeks and suck everything. It's a matter of taste what's best.

2. How do you want the leather to develop? Can it get darker? May there be scratches?

Some types of leather get patina but do not change appearance significantly, while others largely change color with use.
If you are in doubt about how the leather on MicMic products changes, you are always welcome to ask.

All bags at MicMic are handmade and sewn in types of aniline leather.
It is a name used for leather that typically has a very natural look. Here you will find no (other than the natural) structure in the leather, patterns or sharp colors.

When tanning aniline leather, the highest quality of leather is used. "Errors" on the leather such as. blood vessels, fly bites or scratches from a bush can not always be hidden, therefore one is forced to use the nicest leather for this purpose.
I myself have visited tanneries in Ethiopia, where they put the new hides in piles according to their quality - some were ranked from 1-3 and others all the way up to 7. Even if you use the hides from the piles with the highest grade, you will in the finished leather yet often could sense the unique traits that are in every single skin. Shades in the colors may also occur. Unfortunately, these traits are typically misinterpreted as mistakes, but in fact, it should just be seen as a sign of quality.

Another typical feature of crossover bags in aniline leather is that they often achieve a lot of patina. I love it myself, and I hope you are too!

A leather bag from MicMic

My designs are classic and stylish, but at the same time they all have a completely unique touch that makes them not look like other bags. I have chosen to work with muted shades so that all the bags have natural or dusty, discreet colors. This allows the bags to be used for any style and outfit. The bags are perfect for everyday life, but can also easily be spruced up with cool shoes or a dress to create a more festive look.

In addition, all crossover bags have several compartments so you can organize your necessities as needed. This way you can also split things like e.g. mobile and keys.
If you are looking for a crossover bag with a zipper, you have come to the right place. A zipper reduces the risk of losing something, and not least the risk of those with a little too long fingers grabbing something that belongs to you!

In addition, many of the crossbody bags have both adjustable straps and detachable straps. By taking off the long strap, one can also use the bag as a large purse or clutch.
In addition, you will also find bags with a very short strap - this is typically used over one shoulder or as a small handbag.

Do you want one instead shoulder bag leather MicMic also has a wide selection of leather shoulder bags.

You're not just investing in a bag…

In addition to getting a nice bag in genuine leather, you also support a positive development in developing countries when you shop at MicMic. I can not stress enough how important every single order is!
Do you have e.g. purchased a crossover bag with a zipper that is sewn in Ethiopia, you are helping to ensure that MicMic can continue to support social projects in the country. Some of my bags will be e.g. sewn in a workshop where all the seamstresses (unfortunately) are outcast HIV-infected women. By collaborating with these, MicMic helps to provide them with a steady income, a positive and recognizable work environment and ultimately a better future.
Through other of my projects, part of the profit is donated to e.g. school uniforms and materials for the schooling of vulnerable girls.

In Ethiopia, it is very uncertain when to buy leather, buckles and zippers. That is why I also work with a facility in India. Here they specialize in eco-friendly leather. There is no definition of this leather, but at MicMic we look first and foremost at the treatment of the leather. It is tanned without the use of chromium, heavy metals, formaldehyde, chlorinated paraffins, azo dyes and a number of other chemicals.

You can read about all my projects in Ethiopia and India by click here.

This way, you invest in a better future for more people every time you order a bag.
I hope you like the products and that you will carry your MicMic bag with pride!

Keeper of crossover bags

Leather bags at MicMic are cared for differently. You can either choose to give the product leather grease or leather impregnation – all depending on the effect and protection you want on the crossover bag for ladies.