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Crossover bags

Crossover bags are both practical in everyday life and good for more festive events.
My crossbody bags are available in different sizes, designs and colors - I hope you can find a bag that suits your needs.

Shoulder bags for women

Some call it a shoulder bag while others lean towards crossover bag or crossbody bag - dear child has many names. Regardless, a good bag is a must-have to carry on the go. A crossover bag makes it possible to carry out the day's errands while having all your necessities at hand. It is perfect for you who want a practical and durable bag in leather.

At the same time, an elegant crossbody bag can spice up an outfit and be used for more festive events such as birthdays, confirmations or a city trip where there is no need for a large shoulder bag or shopper.

Shoulder bags and clutches for ladies

At MicMic, I sell sustainable bags, all of which are sewn in durable, thick, high-quality leather - which is why you are guaranteed a bag that lasts for many years and actually only gets nicer with time.

Many of the crossbody bags can be used in several ways as the straps are detachable. This means that my crossover bags can often also be used as a clutch bag or a purse.
In addition, all bags have several zippered pockets so that smaller items such as coins, keys and jewelry do not get lost.

You can always read more about a particular item by clicking on the product.

Crossover bags in Danish design

The shoulder bags are Danish design.
I myself have drawn all items at MicMic - mostly in my small apartment on Amager and in hotel rooms around the world. When I travel, I am often inspired by the area's local leather types, their designs and not least techniques and ways of working with leather.
You can read much more about my background right here.

Timeless design

MicMic bags are designed in neutral colors to match any outfit.
In addition, my crossover styles are simple, stylish and minimalist. Many have a Nordic, rustic - yet feminine - look. They are timeless and therefore never go out of fashion.

MicMic takes responsibility

With MicMic, I can not save the whole world, but I can take an active part in the changes I want to see.
That is why I have done a lot to find the right and responsible suppliers. I work with female-owned production facilities (workshops), vulnerable people and factories that are certified. The shoulder bags below are also sewn on these sewing rooms. With this, I want to help people with poor conditions and limited opportunities.
You can read about the background of MicMic as well as my mission and vision right here.