Leather keyrings with personal text

Keychains with an optional text are a unique and personal thing. At MicMic, you have the option of choosing whether it should be a leather keychain with a name, a special date or some fun characters. You can see all the options by clicking on the products below.

Keychains with text in several colors

At MicMic, we make keychains with text in several colors. Right now, nature (light), cognac, brown and black are offered. However, I have in between other colors for shorter periods such as. white and purple.
At MicMic, you also choose whether the ring should be gold, silver or antique / metal-colored.

Personalized gift idea

A keychain with a name or another optional text is a really good gift idea e.g. hostess gift, Christmas gift or birthday gift. One can give a keychain in leather to men and women of all ages.

Leather keychain

Is there anything more tiring than a key without a real keychain?
Personally, I always lose keys that are not part of a bundle. They often end up in jacket pockets, purses, behind dressers, on shelves and other unpredictable places!
When they are found a few years later, it is impossible to recognize them, and who knows what the key fits? At least not me!
For these keys, a keychain is a really good idea. It can e.g. be a keychain for the garage key that hangs in the entrance - here the personal text could be "garage" or "outdoor house".
At MicMic we use a personal key ring for the mailbox key. As it does not belong to a single member of the family, it always hangs on a hook in the entrance - but before we got a key ring for it, it often disappeared. That's why it works really well with a key ring with the text "mailbox" - then it takes up a little more space and the key clearly doesn't get lost very often.

Personalized gift idea for him and her

It is no secret that it can be both difficult and confusing to find the gift for those who have everything!
I'm probably not the only one who wants to give a creative, personal and completely unique gift to my loved ones, but it can be really hard to find the right thing - something that the recipient has not wished or imagined that they would get!
Keychains with name or other personal text is a really cute little gift that anyone can use. The vast majority of men and women wear a set of keys every single day. In fact, it is only the imagination that sets the limits of this gift.
You can e.g. consider whether you have a very special nickname that you can write on?
It could also be that your mother or friend has just got a new car - in which case you can give a keychain in leather with the text "mother's push", "the Volvo" or something else unique.

Handmade leather keychain

All leather keychains at MicMic are handmade.
It is me, the owner behind MicMic, who makes them in my small workshop here in Copenhagen.
I make keychains with a "loop", so you can keep the keychain in the leather or hang them on a hook at home - I think that is practical!
I buy, as far as possible, leather scraps from other companies. I do this so that as little leather as possible is wasted, to create a more sustainable product and not least to be able to give you a better price on the keychains.
I usually go for relatively thick leather to make sure your keychains have a nice shape and last for years. In addition, I work with a matte expression, so the keychains do not have a shiny finish, but a more natural finish. I myself love the natural look and that is also the reason why I use core leather for the keychains.

Core leather

icMic's keychains are all composed of strong core leather.
Core leather is a thick and durable material that ensures that your keychain lasts for many years. Unlike keychains in cotton, nylon or other materials, the leather on your keychain will never wear out.
In addition, the leather has some very special properties.
First, the core leather has a natural look. This means that there may be nuances in the colors, that scratches from the skin or that the animal's large blood vessels can actually be seen in the final leather. At MicMic, we think that this is a sign of quality and not least shows that you are dealing with natural material.
Secondly, core leather gets a really nice patina. The completely bright colors such as candles and cognac quickly acquire a dark patina. These actually change color! This is because the keychain is typically used every single day with lots of movement (the keys) and greasy fingers (believe it or not, but your fingers release grease when they touch the leather). The darker colors like the brown and black keychain also get a really nice patina, but do not have the same tendency to color change.
Whether you like one or the other best is a matter of taste - the quality is the same.

Buy a keychain with text

If you have decided on the name or text of your keychain, and in addition chosen whether the ring itself should be gold, silver or metal-colored, then you are ready to order.
At MicMic, you simply place your desired keychain in the basket - you can see the different colors above. Then you go on to payment and write your personal text in the comments field. The only thing you need to be aware of is that there can be a maximum of 10 characters on each keychain. If you order more, you simply explain what should be on each of them. All text is written in block letters.

Inspiration - popular personal texts

To a family member: Mother, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, Big Brother, Mother's dude, etc.
To a boyfriend or spouse: I love you, My ❤️, The two of us
For common keys: Dytten, Garagen, Cyklen, Postkassen, Home ❤️, shed