Leather backpack

Do you miss a leather backpack that can be used both in everyday life and for more formal events?
So far, I have designed one, beautiful leather backpack.
The Walawe backpack can be used as a school bag or everyday bag, but also as a nice and practical backpack for parties, birthdays and the like.

Leather backpack for ladies

We are past the time when backpacks are not modern or cool - they have certainly regained their place in the street scene.
I'm personally really happy about that. There are countless beautiful backpacks, and most importantly, a backpack is super practical. You can always throw it on your back so that your hands are free and the contents do not feel quite as heavy.

Small backpack in leather Quality backpack in Danish design

I even missed a quality backpack in leather that could be used as a shopper or tote at the same time. Therefore, I started drawing the Walawe backpack in the spring of 2018. The goal was to create a beautiful, leather backpack that was also functional in a normal everyday life. Therefore, it ended up as a bulky combi bag.
This leather backpack can be used both on the shoulders, as a shopping bag and as a crossover bag. It is possible to "pull" the strap on the inside so that it can be adjusted as needed.

The straps are also adjustable so that it can fit exactly your desired length.
The backpack closes with a zipper at the top. In addition, there is a zipper pocket at the front and a pocket with a zipper inside. Here there is room for values that need to be taken extra care of, such as wallet, mobile and keys. In the large compartment of the backpack, there is room for shopping, computer or books - as needed.
That's why this lady's backpack is easy to carry and organize her things in.

Leather backpack from Ethiopia

It can generally be difficult to find quality backpacks. However, I can assure you that my leather backpack is made with great care.
The Walawe bag is sewn in the finest Ethiopian leather. It is thick and durable, yet very soft. It almost feels like suede when felt on the surface of the leather. The color is caramel and / or light brown - this is the color typically used for the local leather bags in Ethiopia.

In addition, it is sewn in a small workshop, where the female owner offers a good and fair workplace for former sex workers and the homeless in the capital Addis Ababa.
Her passion for vulnerable people, and minimizing the gap between the major tanneries and the international market, has been the driving force in creating this socially oriented workshop.

By purchasing this backpack, you are helping to support the initiative and create a positive future for some who otherwise stood with limited opportunities.

Read much more about the backpack under the product - you can also read more about the collaboration with the workshop right here.

Small leather backpack

After the Walawe backpack, the Boro bag has also arrived.
This smart multifunctional leather bag can be used both as a handbag, crossover bag and as a backpack. This is done by clicking the detachable strap off on one side, passing the strap through the ring on the back, and finally clicking the strap on again on the other side. It is super smart if you are on a longer trip and want to distribute the weight, or if you e.g. bikes that thieves can not bite the bag from the basket.

The bag has a timeless, minimalist design. It is reminiscent of the early retro bags in core leather, however, the Boro bags have a more modern look, and not least softer leather.
The leather gets the most beautiful patina when used, as it is a surface treated with oil and wax. It does e.g. that scratches and other consumption marks will be visible in the bag - it just has to be seen as a sign of quality and something that makes your bag unique.

This bag is also sewn in a workshop in Ethiopia. Here it is predominantly vulnerable women who are employed on fair terms and for fine wages. You can read about it right here.