Below is my selection of leather purses for men and women.
Below you can definitely find a leather purse that suits you. All the purses are Danish design sewn in high quality leather. You can get both a men's purse and a women's purse, as the leather is rustic in appearance and the design is unisex.

Find a small purse or larger purses and card holders here

At MicMic you can find a purse in black or brown in many different sizes. In other words, there is a wide selection of purses below.

My most popular wallets and card holders are the Tiwi models. They are available in large and small, depending on your needs and use of the purse. Some like a small purse for cards and coins, while others are for a large purse that e.g. can also accommodate a mobile or the like.

Brown and black purses

Below you will find black purses and brown purses. The black purses are often less vulnerable to dirt, while the brown purses get a really nice and clear patina over time. Whether one is for the black purses, or other colors is a matter of taste.

Wallet in leather

The leather purses in the model "Tiwi" are secured with an external zipper, so the contents remain in the purse. The large Tiwi purse also has an internal zipper for coins, while the small leather purse has a compartment for coins. The coins cannot fall out of the compartment as soon as the purse is closed. Of course, you can also read the specifications for each purse under each product.
Both wallets have inside pockets, where there is room for cards, banknotes or other.

The Mwandaliwa purse was originally intended as a passport holder / passport purse or travel purse. However, there are many who also use it as an ordinary women's purse or men's purse in leather. At the front of this purse, there is also room for cards.

Caring for a leather wallet

MicMic leather purses are sewn in high quality aniline leather. This means that the leather has a very natural look. This is because with aniline leather you can not always hide "flaws" in the skin such as. blood vessels, fly bites or scratches from a bush - therefore leather of the highest quality (based on a sort) is used for this.
However, you will still often be able to sense unique characteristics in each skin, which should simply be seen as a sign of quality.
In addition, the aniline leather characterizes that it gets a lot of patina when used - so do the purses above.

It is not necessary to care for your new MicMic wallet before using it. Therefore, you can actually enjoy your new purse as you receive it.
If you later find that the leather seems dry, you can always give it leather grease. At MicMic, we recommend Gold Quality Leather Grease, as it is a very natural product that simultaneously saturates and impregnates.
You simply apply the grease to a clean sponge, or your fingers, and lubricate the scrotum into an even, thin layer. Then let the fat soak in. The purse is again ready for use when the fat is sucked well into the leather and thus no longer "grease".

Stylish Danish design

You use your wallet almost every day. Therefore, it is important that the perfect card holder and purse are both practical, durable and have a stylish design that ensures that the purse fits all bags and events. We can quickly agree that it is cumbersome with several wallets where the content has to be moved from day to day.
A leather purse from MicMic lasts for many years, as they are sewn from thick leather, which simply gets a beautiful patina over the years - in addition, YKK zippers have been used to ensure the high quality.
The purses can also be a great gift idea for men and women. The stylish design makes the purses suitable for most people, regardless of age and gender.

About MicMic's values

The purses are sewn at our partners in India, close to Delhi. The Tiwi purses are sewn in a sewing room where people in the local community are employed. The graduates come from further afield, and help to train and educate the staff from the local village. This ensures a steady, stable income for families who otherwise would not have had the opportunity for a good job.
Many of MicMic leather products are sewn in workshops that support social products. Besides these, some of the things are also sewn in India. We do this to ensure a steady flow of products of the highest quality - in this way the shop is never completely sold out.
I've written a lot about my selfMicMics philosophy and my social projects in India and Ethiopia here.
I hope you like the concept and will both read along – and maybe even find your next sustainable product on the website here.