Shoulder Bags

Leather shoulder bags for women: Find a perfect net bag, shopper or crossbody bag

Do you want to replace your worn shoulder bag or your net bag with a new nice leather shoulder bag?
Maybe you miss the absolutely perfect everyday bag you can throw over your shoulder?
Either way, I hope you find a net bag, leather shopper or shoulder bag that fits your needs.

Wide selection of leather shoulder bags and nets in black and brown

 Below you will find a wide selection of shoulder bags in black and brown - some of the bags can also be found in colors such as. cognac and olive green. You can also find a net bag in black or brown. The selection offers both the smart, small shoulder bag but also larger shoulder bags with great spaciousness. All bags have several compartments and pockets with zippers.
Designs are sewn in genuine leather of the highest quality.

Bag for women

Most of MicMic's bags are for women. Nevertheless, several of the bags have a rustic look and are designed in colors that can also easily be used by men. If you are a woman, and are in doubt about which shoulder bag best suits your style and your needs in everyday life, we have made a guide at the bottom of this page.
You can also use this if you need to buy a gift for a woman, and are in doubt about what type it should be.


As a woman, it is almost impossible to do without a shoulder bag with a zipper in everyday life - and that is in fact whether you go to work, school or mostly at home. Age also becomes subordinate, as we all have necessities we must wear when we leave our base. The perfect bag or bags are just a must-have for ladies.

At MicMic, the entire range is designed in Denmark. Nordic design is often associated with a single expression and products of the highest quality - and that is exactly what MicMic strives for.
The products are not designed according to trends or seasons. This means that shoppers, nets, shoulder bags and crossover bags do not necessarily get replaced every season. It also means you do not have to replace your MicMic bag every year.
My designs are timeless and created to be used through several generations. Designs are minimalist, yet practical.
I myself really appreciate being able to combine simplicity and functionality. Therefore, through all my design processes, I have emphasized creating high quality items that primarily fall into these two categories.

The bags are therefore aesthetic, but also created to be used in everyday life. The shoulder bags have several pockets and compartments – both inner and outer pockets – where your essentials can be organized. You have e.g. always the option of leaving your mobile phone and your keys in two different rooms, or whatever else you have with you as a woman.
I have also opted for zippers in all my bags. In some of the bags I have chosen brass colored zippers, and in others I have gone with the more classic zipper in silver. A shoulder bag with a zipper can help secure your things better against both rain, sleet and theft. At the same time, the risk of losing something on your way is reduced. I myself have a tendency to lose my things, which is why I really appreciate that I can pack my things safely in a pocket with a zipper.


Above, there is a wide selection of cool, smart and unique shoulder bags in the highest quality.
You definitely have some thoughts, ideas and requirements for the design, color and size of your upcoming bag - all depending on:
- Whether it is to be used as an everyday bag or for a party.
– Whether it should be a spacious bag or a smart, small crossover bag.
– Whether it is to be used for a computer or just a wallet.
I hope I can be helpful in finding the perfect bag for your individual needs.


Would you rather forget a little too much than carry on something unnecessary?
Maybe you feel limited by a large bag - or just do not need very many things?
If so, you might as well just look for a small shoulder bag. At MicMic, there are small shoulder bags in black and brown - some are also available in other colors such as. cognac and olive green.
The positive thing about choosing a small shoulder bag is, of course, that you walk around with as little as possible. It is especially nice if you carry the bag for many hours. The downside may be that space is very limited.


These bags are a perfect match for you.
Cala Millor is a small shoulder bag, but at the same time full-bodied.
The bag has a vintage look with its large buckles and rustic leather. The bag is perfect for a feminine dress to give it a little edge and "coolness", but also fits you who have a natural raw style.
This crossbody bag can hold purse, mobile, keys and pairs an extra necessities such as. lip balm and a little make-up.

The leather belt bag is for you who are looking for a smaller but still practical bag.
I like this bag a lot myself and use it for daily chores, holidays and flea markets.
It can hold the necessities and can hardly be worn out! The look is timeless and then the bag gets a really beautiful, dark patina.


If you are the type who tries to limit the contents of your bag, but still always gets packed a tooth too much with, you need a slightly larger bag. You may also need a shoulder bag with space for a spectacle case, a book or a water bottle?
The good thing about this size bag is that there is often a little extra space in case it should become necessary. It's not unlikely that the man will suddenly want something in his bag, or that there should be room for an extra diaper somewhere, right?


For you I would recommend the Ella or Boro crossover bags.
The Ella bag has a modern look. When you look at the size, it is not a big bag. However, this "box bag" is very deep, which still provides a lot of space. In addition to this spaciousness, the bag is also perfect for you who are looking for a bag with more compartments and smaller pockets. There are both inner and outer pockets.
The Ella bag is sewn in Ethiopia from durable and thick – but very soft – leather.

The Boro bag, on the other hand, is characterized by the bag's classic, retro look. Many people associate this style with core leather bags e.g. the former hunting bags. The leather on the Boro bags is a bit softer than the core leather - but otherwise it has many of the same characteristics that you definitely know from the core leather. The Boro bag is a larger crossover bag and can therefore hold a water bottle or a smaller book.


MicMic also has a bag for you that needs to have all your stuff on you.
Do you often think "I'm just taking the most necessary things", and it turns out that the most necessary things are actually a pretty big pack? Don't worry, I know the feeling well - the worst thing is simply not having room for his things, or having forgotten something!
A large shoulder bag from MicMic or a net bag holds everything from shopping to an extra sweater.

If you are missing a work bag with room for a computer, you should also look at a larger shoulder bag.
The same applies if you are a student - here there must often be room for both a computer and some books. Maybe a leather backpack is for you?


You should definitely look at Mabul or Walawe.

The beautiful Mabul shopper has great spaciousness. The bag is perfect as a computer bag, as there can easily be a computer in it - this is whether you own a 13 "computer or a 15" computer.
It is sewn in very soft leather that only gets more delicious with time.

The Walawe tote bag can do the same as the Mabul shopper. However, with this bag you can also have your hands completely free: it can be used as a leather backpack!
With the long straps, you can throw the bag over your shoulders and thus use it as a beautiful backpack. It is the ultimate practical solution for you who do not want a classic backpack, but still find it nice to have the weight distributed on both shoulders - and not least, to have your hands free.


All shoulder bags on this page are unisex and can therefore be used by both men and women.
I have designed both bags made of leather with a rustic, vintage look and shoulder bags with larger buckles - but also the opposite, namely more chic and feminine bags that are not quite as raw in appearance.


Leather is a great material to have products in - whether it is a shoulder bag, backpack or something completely different.
Leather is one of the few things that actually only gets nicer with time. With a product in leather, you have a unique opportunity to create your own and very personal product. The patina that is created reflects 100% how exactly you have used your bag - it is a very special feeling to look at your leather bag and remember all the good memories. And believe me, there can be many of them: a leather bag can hardly be worn out!

If you are more into a classic crossover bag in leather, I also have a wide selection under this category.

If you are in doubt about anything, want guidance or sparring, you are always more than welcome to contact me right here. I help with joys.