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Shopper bag

Do you want to replace your worn shoulder bag or net with a sustainable, durable shopper bag in leather?
Or do you miss the perfect everyday bag?

Then you have landed on the right page. At MicMic, you will find both larger and smaller shoulder bags in the highest quality leather. A shoulder bag can be used as an everyday bag, but can also be used for finer events.

Tote bags in Danish design

All the bags are designed by me - Michala Sloth. I am 26 years old and stand alone behind MicMic. The products are drawn partly in my small apartment on Amager and partly in dingy hotel rooms in developing countries like Cambodia and Sri Lanka. I myself grew up in Cambodia, and love to travel to exciting destinations that can inspire my work. You can read more about my upbringing right here.

My shoulder bags and crossover bags are sewn in India and Ethiopia. Here, things are sewn in sewing rooms and workshops with a great social focus. Read more about MicMic's social efforts right here.

The design of the shoulder bags is timeless and practical. I hope that the simplicity is not underestimated, but that the bags are recognized for the quality, functionality, longevity and history behind.
I hope you can recognize this when you look through the products below - and not least when you use them.

Leather shopper

My tote bags in leather are for you who want an elegant, durable and rich bag.
Mabul bags can accommodate a 13 ”computer, books and purchases. In addition, the shopper bag has an inside pocket with space for smaller things such as a purse, mobile and keys.

The bag is sewn from very soft, Indian high quality leather. Although the leather is soft, it is thick and durable. It allows you to replace your tote bag with this shopper bag that can be by your side for many years to come.

My own tote I have used throughout my study time for both my Macbook computer and books. I have also often shopped with the shoulder bag, and not least used it as a nice sports bag. The leather withstands most things and just gets nicer with time.

Crossover bags in leather

I have crossbody bags in both small and larger sizes.

However, all shoulder bags happen to be sewn from durable leather, which gets a nice patina over the years.
The crossover bags have a minimum of two compartments with a zipper, so you can be sure that your things do not fall out. In addition, they all have adjustable straps. Many of the crossover bags actually also have detachable straps, which means that the bag can also be used as a clutch, make-up purse or the like. The specifications are under each product.