Bumbag leather, Siem XL in black

949,00 DKK

Belt bag, leather in black XL

This is a larger model of MicMic's classic Siem belt bag.
The belt bag can be used for everything from everyday life to travel, festivals and much more.
It is perfect for you who e.g. have a larger wallet or mobile - or just many small things such as. hand alcohol, make-up, glasses, etc.

The belt bag is black and as it patinates, it gets an even deeper black color.
The patina comes automatically when used, rain shower, sunscreen and whatever else a belt bag is exposed to.

A belt bag with several compartments

The belt bag has three compartments. One large compartment with a zipper, in which there is also a smaller open compartment. In addition, there is a compartment with a zipper on the inside (towards the body) - this compartment is usable for e.g. money, passports, mobile and other valuables. Here they are secured against outside curious hands.

The leather on the belt bag

This bag is sewn in high quality leather from India. The leather is tanned without the use of chromium and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, chlorinated paraffins and azo dyes.
The bag is sewn at an SA8000 certified factory. The certification is one of the most recognized international standards of social responsibility.
Read more about the bags from India right here.

More colors

The bag is also available in brown right here.

Unisex - belt bag for men and women

This leather belt bag for men and women has a rustic look that can be combined with a shirt or a dress.

Measures on the bag:
Length top: 28 cm
Height: 18 cm
Strap length: At maximum it is approximately 146 cm.


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Bumbag leather, Siem XL in black

949,00 DKK