Diaper bag or project bag leather, from MiniMic

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Diaper bag or project bag leather, from MiniMic
Diaper bag leather

The puzzle bag here is made under the brand MiniMic.
Since MiniMic is also established by me (owner and designer behind MicMic), I have also chosen to sell the bag here at MicMic, until the puzzle bag gets its own website.

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Baby bag in black and brown

The bag here is available in black and brown.
It's a fold out diaper bag. So it lies on the table, in the pram or on the bench and unfolds. This way, there will be easy access to the large pockets. In addition, there are also several pockets with zippers where your things can be stored and do not fall out.
There is also a small button to put a toy or a pacifier in. Then there is always control of this when it comes to puzzles.
The strap is adjustable - and if you do not want it, it is also easy to take it off completely.

The bag is large enough to hold extra clothes, diapers, wet wipes and other necessities.

Designer diaper bag in aesthetic look

The large diaper bag is often stuffed, even when it is not needed at all. With the diaper bag here, I had a hope of designing a bag that could simplify the large, unmanageable diaper bag, and instead create a smaller and more practical solution.
I wanted to create a bag that could contribute to a more simple and sustainable time baby time. If you have a dream of making the diaper bag simple, clear and functional, this is the solution.

Eco-friendly leather

The leather for the diaper bag is carefully selected. It is sewn in eco-friendly leather. Simplified, this means that the leather is tanned without heavy chemicals and is free of e.g. chrome.
This sustainable leather, fortunately, is rising in popularity - it's fat. This means that industry and consumers have become more aware of the environment and the production processes. MiniMic would really like to contribute to that.

The leather gets a really nice patina with time. Your product will always be completely unique, depending on your particular use.

Diaper bag for men and women

In addition to creating a practical everyday diaper bag, I wanted to design a diaper bag that did not look like a diaper bag at first glance. A bag that looked like a nice women's bag and at the same time could be worn by a friend, father, boyfriend or husband.

Size of this diaper bag leather: 18cm * 17-18cm
Type / Category: Diaper bag leather, diaper bag for men, diaper bag black, diaper bag fold out

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