Siem, belt bag black

849,00 DKK

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Siem bæltetaske i læder
Siem, belt bag black

849,00 DKK

The belt bag here is perfect for everyday use, travel, festivals and more. It is divided into two rooms. A larger compartment with a zip, as well as a smaller compartment on the inside (towards the body) with a zip. The bag is suitable for you who need space for essentials such as a small wallet, mobile phone, keys and possibly other small items such as make-up or lip balm.
Do you want a belt bag that holds more or larger things such as you must choose a glasses case, a larger wallet, alcohol or the like instead The Siem XL belt bag.
Watch a video comparison of Siem and Siem XL right here.

The bag is "slim" from new. If it is filled well, the bottom will unfold and the bag will gradually take on a wider shape.

Length top: 27 cm
Length bottom: 22.5 cm
Height: 15 cm
The belt bag can be about 107 cm in the beginning, but several holes can be made, and then it can be about 127 cm.
The bag is sewn by our partner in India.
The factory is SA-8000 certified. The certification is one of the most recognized international standards for social responsibility.
You can read more about MicMic's partner right here.
The leather: This product is sewn in eco-friendly leather. This means that you get a product which is free of chromium, heavy metals, formaldehyde, chlorinated paraffins and azo dyes.
Patina: The brown leather will get patina and become a little darker and less "perfect" in it's appearance through time. The black leather will also get patina, but maintain its present black color.
The patina comes automatically with use, rain, sunscreen and whatever else a bag is exposed to.
Care: The wallet can be used as it is. This will give a quicker patina.
If you instead wish to protect the wallet against dirt, liquids and stains, it is a good idea to impregnate (spray) it before use. Though, the patina can not be avoided throughout the years - this is the charm of leather and makes your wallet unique.
NOTE: Impregnation can give the leather a different feel. Always test on the back first.
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