Sihanouk, light personalized keychain

200,00 DKK

Sihanouk, light personalized keychain

Leather keychain with text in light / natural color

This is a nice keychain with text that you choose.
The color of this is light / nature colored - in the picture with the four key rings, is the bottom color.

You decide for yourself whether it should say something on it - and if so, what it should say.
The text can be anything from your own name, to the "bike" or a date that has special meaning to you (dates can be written with both hyphens and periods).
You can also select symbols and characters such as #, +, & or ♥. See all the possible symbols in the last picture (note: here the heart is not shown, but we have it).

A personal keychain is also a really sweet and good idea as a gift e.g. to the newlyweds with their date, hostess, grandparents, student (“Student 2020”) or similar.

Handmade leather keychain with text

The key rings are handmade in Denmark by the owner bag MicMic.
They are made of high quality vegetable tanned core leather. This means that when the keychain is used, the leather will achieve a really nice patina. Typically, the actual color of this keychain will darken as the patina increases.

Before shipping, all keychains are treated with wax and leather grease.

Here's how you do it:

- Choose whether the ring itself should be gold, silver or metal below in the "drop-down" box.
When paying, it must be written in the comment field what must be on the key ring. You are also welcome to send the text by e-mail afterwards:
There can be a maximum of 1o characters per keychain, otherwise it may not be there.

Leather keychains are typically shipped the same day - it can take a maximum of 4 days in a hurry.

Keychain in several colors

Do you want a different color? These leather keychains are also available in: Dark brown, light brown and black.