Small shoulder bags

Small shoulder bags for ladies

Welcome to my website. Here you will find a wide selection of small shoulder bags in leather. Our shoulder bags are not just stylish and trendy. When I designed these, I kept in mind that they should meet your needs as a modern and fashion conscious individual. At the same time, the bags had to be practical so that they can be used all year round.
Whether you're looking for a shoulder bag for everyday use or for special occasions, we're sure you'll find something to suit your taste and style.

Small shoulder bags can fulfill a very good everyday need. Often you just need a small shoulder bag when you go shopping, on the bus, to visit friends or the like. A small shoulder bag will hold the basic necessities – and some of them, also a little more.
That's why it's really good to have a selection of small shoulder bags at home on the coat rack.

At MicMic, I have designed a series of small shoulder bags that I think meet the needs you typically have on the go. In addition to a practical design, all my bags for ladies are designed in a minimalist, simple design.
You will find them all on the page here.

A small shoulder bag in leather

Our small shoulder bags are made from high-quality materials that ensure a long life and therefore a bag you will have for many years to come. MicMic pays great attention to details. If you buy a small shoulder bag from MicMic, you can expect a bag of good craftsmanship and carefully selected elements. Our range includes different styles, colors and patterns, so you can find a shoulder bag to suit any occasion and any outfit.

All the bags are sewn in high quality leather. Over time, the leather on the small shoulder bags will typically develop a patina. This shows up either as marks and "scratches" in the leather or as a darker shade in the leather on the small shoulder bags.

Shoulder bag with zipper and pockets

All the bags have at least one zipped pocket and in addition at least one open pocket. Even though the bags on this page are small, there is therefore the possibility of dividing your belongings, so e.g. the mobile phone and the keys do not have to share the same room.
Some of the bags have wide straps, while others have slightly narrower straps - what they have in common, however, is that they can all be adjusted in length. Typically, the straps can be very long.

Most popular small shoulder bags for ladies

My best selling small bags are The Siem belt bag as well The Cala Millor bag.

Whether you're looking for a small shoulder bag to carry your essentials or to spice up your outfit, I'm sure you can find a bag in our selection.
Feel free to also look in the other categories on the website, so that you find the shoulder bag that best suits your specific needs.
We are sure that you will be happy with a leather bag from MicMic.