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About a year ago I designed this bag, which was intended as a diaper bag. The idea crept in when I was tired of having my nephew's big backing with me every time we just had a short trip to Rema, by bus or something. Still, it was reassuring to have some extra diapers, wet wipes, a snack and the pacifier with us - in case we passed a playground or an accident happened.
(At the same time, I think the classic diaper bag was ugly.)

I really needed a bag there:

  • Easily could be taken on the go.
  • So nice looking in our home.
  • Was practically arranged so I could easily find pacifiers, diapers, etc. if there was a crisis.
  • Not too big, but still spacious and with several pockets.

En fyldte hækletaske
Here, the bag is used for what it was originally designed for: namely a diaper bag. However, the rooms can be filled with yarn or something else.

It turns out that there are exactly the same requirements for a knitting bag ?! Who had just seen it coming - not me!
I suddenly got a lot of messages from knitters that they wanted the bag so they could use it for their "stuff" - both at home and on the go.  

I do not knit myself, and therefore know nothing about yarn, stitches, knitting needles, makers and knitting patterns. For the same reason, I had not thought that my design was actually perfect for this hobby.

Practical knitting bag

Strikketaske lukket
Here the bag is folded and the strap is put on.

In hindsight, I can only say "of course!" because it really is the perfect knitting bag.

The bag stands on its own when closed and not in use. When you need to knit, or have something else out of the bag, it is simply placed on the "back" after which you can easily open it up.
There are two large, spacious rooms for e.g. yarn. In addition, there is also a small zipper pocket in each of the large compartments. Here, for example. be knitting needles, patterns or other small things.

Access to the contents is super easy and clear when the bag is completely open.

Knitting bag in leather

The bag is sewn in the most delicious eco-friendly leather.
This means that the knitting bag is sewn in leather, tanned without the use of chromium and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, chlorinated paraffins, azo dyes and a number of other chemicals.

Inspiration til hvordan strikketasken ser ud i et værelse
Here you can see how a children's room is decorated with the bag, which can also be used as a knitting bag and e.g. decorate in a living room.

Other knitting bags

I actually find it hard to find other neat knit bags through a Google search.
Instead, I stumbled upon these DIY (do it yourself) guides on how to make your own knitting bag! If nothing else, you can use it as inspiration, and subsequently go in your own direction.

If you're ready for a sewing, recycling project, then Tina's idea is pretty bearded. She has actually come up with a suggestion on how to conjure a shrunken knit sweater into a nice little knit bag.
You can see that trick right here.

I found too this recipe, which I think can be sewn by e.g. an old t-shirt or shirt.

Are you looking for something more spacious but still DIY, I found this smaller tote bag, which can also be used for knitting cases and other krea gear.

A clear advantage of these homemade knit bags or project bags is of course that they are cheaper.
With a knitting bag in leather, you get a product that lasts for many years and even without getting ugly - on the contrary. The patina is actually one of many reasons why I love items in leather!

I hope you enjoyed reading along.

The knitting bag, diaper bag, or krea bag can be found right here.

/ Michala

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